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Please ensure when positioning your image you cover the whole canvas area so there is no visible red background with the text 'cover me'. You can use your mouse and zoom tool to help position.

Colour Space/Profile: Adobe RGB 1998 or Srgb will give you the best print results.

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30x30 cm
50x50 cm
60x60 cm
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100x100 cm


30x20 cm
30x45 cm
50x40 cm
60x40 cm
75x50 cm
90x60 cm
100x75 cm
120x80 cm
150x100 cm

Long Rectangle

60x30 cm
80x40 cm
100x50 cm
120x60 cm


90x30 cm
120x40 cm

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1.Wrap or Mirror

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  • Mirror Image

    Your image mirrors around the edge of your canvas print.


2. Color Finishing (none)

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  • Black and White

  • Sepia


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